Frequently asked questions

What materials are the Breeches & Tights made from?

Breeches - Cotton / Nylon / Elastan

Riding Tights - Cotton / Nylon / Elastan

Most of our products are tag less to avoid scratching & discomfort. 

Do our Full Seat Breeches & Tights have silicone?

- Yes, our full seat Breeches offer silicone to help with grip in the saddle

- In most cases, the silicone is mild. However, it is generally controlled by the amount of pressure the rider applies against the saddle.

What makes our Curvy Line different?

- When we designed our Curvy line, we reached out to Curvy riders, so that we can better understand their needs as a rider.

- We worked directly with many Curvy riders to understand their specific body types, and modeled our Curvy Breeches tailoring to offer the most comfortable fit possible.

- We designed our Curvy Breeches to be high waisted, so that they offer additional support.

- We added a bead of Silicone inside the waistline to help keep your shirt tucked in, which also helps keep the breeches in place while you ride.

Is Buckwild Breeches based in the USA?

YES! We design and ship all our breeches out of Richmond, VA - USA. 

What makes Buckwild different from all of the other Breech companies?

- Buckwild offers our own copyrighted “Patterns & Designs” on our Breeches.

- We utilize a patented process that allows us to print on our fabric with minimal wear loss.

- We build our products using comfortable materials, and then ensure the highest quality stitching to ensure the best Fit & Finish possible.

- Our stitching tolerance is just 2mm, which means that if you buy several pairs of our products, they will all fit you exactly the same.

- Our defective rate is less than 1 out of 300 pieces manufactured, which is 3x better than the Industry average of 1 out of every 100 manufactured.

- Our Customers often tell us that Buckwild Breeches are the most comfortable Breeches they have ever owned.

What is your Exchange / Return Policy?

We have a no questions asked exchange or return policy! 
Here at Buckwild Breeches, we want our customers to have a seamless and simple purchasing experience. You have 30 days from when you receive the product to initiate an exchange or return.All refunds will be credited back to your initial form of payment.We simply ask that All Product(s) returned are in "Like New" condition.

Simply email us at the address below -