C4 Belt - Painted Ponies
C4 Belt - Painted Ponies
C4 Belt - Painted Ponies

C4 Belt - Painted Ponies

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Finally. A belt that is just right for your Buckwild Breeches

So now that you've tried our wild, fun, and cute breeches, you're not going to pair them with just any belt. Right?

That's why we partnered with C4 Equestrian to bring you their functional, long-wearing belts in the Buckwild patterns that you love.

Just like with our breeches, your C4 belt will take you from riding to barn chores to errands to beyond - you'll forget you're wearing a belt at all.

●  The C4 belt comes in a 50" length, but it doesn't have to stay that way. When you receive your belt, just cut it down to the size you need.
●  At 1.38" wide, this belt will pair just as nicely with your jeans as it does your breeches.
●  The Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) plastic material means you'll be riding (and living) in this belt for years with no stretching and no bending down in the back.
●  The high-impact polycarbonate buckle won't scratch your saddle - and can even be worn through airport security.
●  Never again ride in a sweat-soaked belt: if your C4 belt gets sweaty, just wipe it off. And when it's really dirty? Wash it in the top rack of your dishwasher.

●  Plus, the belt and buckle are recyclable.


Bonus: C4 belts double as neck straps for those hair-raising moments in the saddle.